Penn Relays – Our island runs on hope

On Saturday April 25th I drove down to Pennsylvania as a part of my annual ritual, to support my team Jamaica and watch my little cousin Leonardo Legister anchor the race for St. Elizabeth Technical 4×400 relays .  I showed up with my U.S Flag in one hand and represent for my fellow yardies in my green, gold and black

Jamaican Jersey shirt.  I know I looked like a mixed bag of cultural confusion.  I raved at the races that had no Jamaican athletes and cheered for my Star Spangled victorious team.  I then walked outside to  dance hip hop and “nyam bully beef and bread.” (a famous Jamaican sandwich that we eat made with canned corned beef and placed between two slices of hard-dough bread) I then washed it down with some Rum Punch made with real Jamaican fruit juice and Wray and Nephew white overproofed rum.  Like that was enough…I felt the need for something sweet so I made my way to the food stand and got myself some funnel cake.  I am a proud Jamerican and I love the confusion its the best feeling sharing both cultures.  Check out this inspirational piece that I wrote feel free to give your two cents all:)

Run Jamaica Run

That time of year again, Penn Relays again

Cultures rising,  all in their Jamaican gears again

Athletes like lightening on the green of hopes again

Golden Sunkist skin ready to win again

Asphalt as black as our strength and creativity

Overcoming all obstacles, standing out even in adversity

Run! Jamaica Run! Never lose your Baton!

Hold it up to the sun…


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