Let your politics be yours and not someone’s elses

I am so ready to see these healthy debates..who else is with me on this?


This blog was created to grab the attention of political minds in our communities, neighborhoods, districts, parishes, states, countries and around the world. We will be engaged in healthy conversations about different political views and ideas, current events, cultures, controversies and breaking news. We will do so in a centrist and nonpartisan manner.

My name is Elroy McCormack your host. I am a US Army veteran that was born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica. I grew up in a society that said you are either a laborite (JLP) or a socialist (PNP). I chose to be different from the status quo. I was always a thinker, kind of outside the beltway. I was always intrigued by political antics and maneuvering since I was a kid. I always pay close attention to political campaigns, political speeches and political languages/arguments. I love the idea of a healthy political discussion…

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