Uncle Sam


Have you ever wondered or even listened to the stories that are told by farmworkers who were afforded the opportunity to work in the United States aka “uncle Sam?” Well if you havent, it is definitely something to do.  Their moments are rather bitter sweet, their compromise to make their bread and butter is emotionally admirable, the stress they forego is usually said to be unbearable – but what is remarkable about those workers, is their strength to pursue  and endure those challenges.  They prepare to labor the new season once one season has ended despite the complaints (at least some).  Others might just decide to end that hardship and venture off on their own in search of a new and easier hardship. Yes !yuh know wah mi mean! “dem runoff!” What do you think about farmworkers who run away from the drudging labor to seek work and life elsewhere in the United States ?What do you think about them compromising their freedom to be back home with families?


Uncle Sam

I am a Jamaican here visiting uncle Sam

I come to work I dont come to play

Apples and Tobacco, Melon and fork in my hand

Some marijuana and some roots reggae

This culture is a shocking thing

I have no ropes to swing

In any rivers, there’s  no white sand beach

Working off the books, hiding like a crook

Without your money there’s no salt to cook

I am a Rasta man, I am no Voodoo man

So dont approach me with your tarot cards

Do my thing versatile in the Jamaican style

Before my home becomes a prison ward

Dont ask me who I am, no not yet uncle Sam

My hands are hard and my card aint green

I came to work and toil, on this here soil

To send fancy things for my kids and queen.

By: Shana McCormack

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