Baltimore Riot…Tribute to the late Freddie Grey

Time for a change…Freddie Gray

Your life never had to end this way,

Spinal damage, they blamed that on you

When they dragged you in the car, what did they do?

Oh I forgot they serve and protect each other

Dead man tell no tales, tragedy of a another brother

Secrets safe amongst them, you were their punching bag

The report said no injuries, what excuse do they have

You fought them in your hancuffs in a moving car I suppose

They were threathend for their lives they had it up to their nose

Exactly what caused such slam in the van tell the truth what the heck

Research in progress searching for answers to explain the broken neck

Freddie the world will miss you , riots everywhere justice must be served

At least we would be more comfortable, the truth is an outcome thats deserved.

The investigation continues……..

Shana Mccormack

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