Do You Care?

Gays have rights

She like her,  like he likes him  unholy it is,  but for society its not a crime

Why is their sin bigger than those who  those who stole a dime?

You’re happy she is glad we’re all  around gay that is true.

It has been like this since Sodom days –  its nothing new!

You chose to be unruly that is your behavior.

And your friends chooses to be gay and you criticize them in anger?

How is it different when you cuddle  at nights, spark romance and do anal in bed;

Isn’t an ass a ass’  whether it is done with  Carol or Ted?

Then why you casting judgments when they do the same things you did

Its a taboo, religious and culturally unacceptable just like the guns you hid.

You vowed to commit to your lover  and got married;

then you  lied and committed adultery

While you get angry at the Gays who gets married, stay loyal and have a family.

So it is ok to believe the politics and the hype when the bigger heads deceive you on their policies

But you shun everything Gay; Gay Christians , Gay pastors but agree with their analogies

Forget the stereo types they have dreams just like we do

Love has no gender, if your mom and dad was gay isn’t it through  love that they nurtured and cared for you.

Gays are Human stop pointing fingers at them  clean your own closets rid your own skeletons

By:  Shana Mccormack.

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