Gay Rights

Transitioning from an Island that is majorly homophobic to a country  that adores their fellow gays will wind one in a position that results in biased opinions  and perspectives.  Let us reason together here 🙂  You know Jamaicans are true to their scriptures and down to the ” shop lifter has a mini New Testament Bible in his back pocket and the biggest Gun man pray before he commits an act”…at least for the most part.

The Bible is taken seriously-it holds a bigger value than any other laws of the land and though religion and politics are touchy issues lets chop it up put them on ice for a later time and focus on this section.  T

he all time scripture for the homophobes is Leviticus 20:13 the famous

gay bashing scripture in the Bible and most popular, it reads:  “If a man lies with another man like he lies with a woman they have done a detestable act and shall be put to death. “For

those who visit or even live in a country like The United States; that loves their fellow gays, who believes and live by Nelson Mandela’s quote that reads ” for to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”  this clearly is secondary to the Bible but holds strong political weight. Since

the government is all over our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen table, even those that oppose to Gays have no choice but to deal with it.

Some might call them sick, some may say they were born that way, I have to say people are people and I accept  everyone for who they are.

From past interactions and having a few male friends that are gay, I have to say they treat me way better than some of my straight friends or even my female friends.  I know Rue Paul accepts his sexuality, but I also know Buju Banton has no tolerance, other people might hide their sexuality, while others don’t know where they stand and are even afraid of their sexuality. Don’t

get me wrong the women are not out of the waters here, but because it irritates the homophobes more about the men we will approach them separately.


 sin is a sin we know that but how about the respectful sinners who manage not to let their burdens get in the way of others? I

want to know your views – if a man is openly gay, it means he is embracing his freedom to love whom ever he wants does that make him disrespectful in the eyes of those who have to witness these behaviors and levels of intimacy? A

s for the men who are undercover gay are they then respectful to those that has an objection? Or is it that they are not comfortable with their sexuality?  So tell me,  the ones that doesn’t know where they stand are they sick..kinky…freaky…love to experiment/explore or is it just that they are waiting for the right person to just turn them out?

At all costs the

sinner is not to be cursed its the sin.

People gain adrenaline rush from different things like roller coasters, shooting stars and rare species of butterflies.

Others find solitude in rainbows and same sex affairs. After

all if there were only gays in the world and we were born of them we wouldn’t know differently.  The bible would read differently and people would respect them more. Since it is not the case can we see ourselves being civil with them and end the hostility? And my fellow gays people can you be more respectful without hiding or compromising who you are.

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