Respect the ones who arent Gay !!!Stop the Stereotyping

Not because he snaps his fingers and say “OH-KAYY GURLFRIEND!” He’s GAY.

He maybe supporting his friend who Is finally making her way.

So you laugh at his appearance when he wears tight clothes;

But never looked to see his socks, from wearing a bottomless shoes with holes

So she walked out of the shower naked in front of the other girls in the dorm room.

She is a virgin told by her mom to be comfortable with her body and her nakedness don’t assume.

She wears short hair,  has piercings and army boots

Its her recovery from Chemotherapy, representing her tribe and being a surviving youth

When since her toned calves from being  an athlete is tomboyish?

Is it the same time when he flickered his wrist and talked with a lisp?

injuries sustained from an accident is no ones wish.

So he threw a dinner party and invited over some male friends;

Its an apology from a busted business deal; the fences he was trying to mend.

Ok so you bend down, turned around and swear she was looking at your ass.

Bottom line is you are wearing the exact dress from a date she attended in the past.

Do not Judge or stereo type ….Respect the ones that aren’t Gay!


By:  Shana Mccormack

One thought on “Respect the ones who arent Gay !!!Stop the Stereotyping

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