The Money Bag

Where she grew up the roads were rocky and tough,

Going to school they wore boots slippers werent strong enough.

Hills steep enough to fly kites keep going over and up,

Transportation was scarce walking was all she knew off.

She went to school and stopped at 11 years old;

Life was a struggle her choices she made without being told.

Adult age was 14 she was the head of her household.

Caring for siblings on the floor some shared a bed filled with mold.

Raped by gangs and gunmen, father dying from substance abuse.

She wore a blouse for a skirt in order to hide her nude.

D cup breasts hanging without a bra; boys tempting to intrude.

Seems her mother, though not so smart was at age 30 or 32.

To see her daughter dressed that weird she thought she looked very nice.

No guidance from her mother or other females she got depressed about life.

Ran away from home to chase a life that she dreamt;

Bouncing from corner to post seeking a feel of content.

Everyday she had a vision that she’d be very rich;

having houses and cars, mink would be her fetish

French manicures and pedicures to hide her toes that were bruised.

Being approached by handsome men, who she would arrogantly refuse

One night she walked around the village,  for a place she could kotch.

Stepped into a stream of water clean enough she could wash

Herself to be clean, had no towel to dry.

Then she saw a huge bag just drifting by,

She followed its direction curious about whats inside.

But the texture felt like paper she held it close to her side.

Anxious to search deeper she found a nearby shed

Occupied by a crying little girl , who lost a bag

When her father dropped dead…..What would you do???

By:  Shana Mccormack

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